PM Writing 4 Sapphire 30 Concrete

PM Writing 4 Sapphire 30 Concrete


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底下是 PM Writing 4 Sapphire 30 Concrete 的內容簡介


Levels 30 Sapphire

Key learning Area Technology

Theme Concrete

Title How to Make a Concrete Driveway

Text Type Procedure

Pages 2–9

Text Form Article in a DIY manual

Genre Non-fiction

Purpose To provide instructions about how to make or do something

Text Structure

Goal: Outlines what is to be achieved (Page 2)

Materials: Specifies the materials needed to achieve the goal (Page 2)

Steps: Lists the steps in order of sequence (Pages 3–9)

Language Features

?Nouns (e.g. mesh, company, timber)

?Pronouns (e.g. them, it)

?Adjectives (e.g. reinforcing, well-drained)

?Present tense verbs (e.g. Arrange, Check, Install)

?Adverbs (e.g. directly, evenly)

?Adverbial phrases (e.g. along the driveway)

Title Using Concrete in Earthquake Areas

Text Type Discussion

Pages 10–16

Text Form Oral presentation at a meeting

Genre Non-fiction

Purpose To examine more than one side of an issue

Text Structure

Opening Statement: Outlines the issue博客來網路書店 (Page 10)

Arguments ‘For’ and ‘Against’: Includes evidence in support of and against the issue (Pages 12–15)

Concluding Statement: Summary of the writer’s opinion(Page 16)

Language Features

?Nouns (e.g. structures, zones, conditions)

?Pronouns (e.g. they, it)

?Adjectives (e.g. specially-designed, normal)

?Sensing verbs (e.g. hoping, believe)

?Adverbs (e.g. successfully, often)

?Adverbial phrases (e.g.博客來 through piles of concrete rubble)

?Conjunctions/Text connectives (e.g. after considering these arguments)

  • 出版社:東華


  • 出版日期:2015/04/13
  • 語言:英文

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